General Finishes Live

Join Tom Monahan in the spray booth at General Finishes to discuss application techniques when spraying stains and clear topcoats. Tom will also include equipment maintenance tips as well as solutions to common issues that may arise when spraying.

Sprayers featured:

  • Air Assisted Airless Kremlin EOS System (AAA)
  • Fuji Mini Mite Turbine & Apollo Turbine System HVLP
  • Qualspray HVLP Compressed Air Gun

General Finishes products featured:

The LIVE with Tom will be broadcasted from the main General Finishes Facebook and YouTube pages, then shared to the FB groups General Finishes University & General Finishes Eagles (GF Retailers/Distributors Only).

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Don't forget to bring your questions, as Tom will be answering them during the event and in the Q&A session at the end.

General Finishes Live with Tom Monahan | Spraying Tips for Professionals, Part 1: Stains & Clears on Friday, June 12 at 2 PM CST

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