Comparison of General Finishes Water-Based Topcoats

General Finishes offers VOC compliant water-based topcoats designed for professionals and DIY users.

1. SANDING SEALER is a high-solids acrylic sealer designed to be used as a base for all of our interior topcoats except Enduro-Var.

2. HIGH PERFORMANCE is General Finishes award-winning clear topcoat brought to market in 1992. High Performance is ideal for interior furniture, cabinets and millwork, existing finishes or new wood construction.

3. FLAT OUT FLAT is an acrylic topcoat for interior use with our lowest sheen. It was designed for the painted furniture market to achieve a natural wax look, but with more protection. It can be brushed, rolled or sprayed and is ideal for low-use wood projects. clears.

4. PRE-CAT LACQUER is our most economical interior, spray-grade topcoat for professionals. Designed to produce a high film build with lower solids, this is a great entry-level interior finish when considering the switch from solvent to water.

5. CLEAR POLY is GF's most popular spray-grade interior topcoat. It is a self-cross-linking acrylic-urethane blend that provides a smooth, durable finish on furniture, cabinets and millwork. most zero-VOC water-based colorants.

6. CONVERSION VARNISH Is the ultimate clear water-based topcoat for professionals. It is designed for commercial applications that demand high durability and chemical and water resistance, such as restaurant tables and bar tops.

7. ENDURO-VAR an oil-modified hybrid finish for interior use that is brushable and sprayable. It's designed to provide the look of an oil-based poly with the fast dry-time of a water-based finish.

8. EXTERIOR 450 TOPCOAT is General Finishes exterior-rated clear finish for both professional and DIY use. It can be applied with a brush, roller or sprayer. The UV additive in Exterior 450 Topcoat will protect the integrity of the film but will not prevent the wood from changing color from sunlight. It also contains mildewcides to inhibit mold and mildew growth. GF advises against using any clear coat over bright white paints, as it may cause yellowing. Lighter-colored paints may alter slightly with a topcoat application, but the color shift is less noticeable.

CAUTION REGARDING TONING: You must test toning solutions to your satisfaction before applying to your entire project. If you are new to toning, we recommend starting with GF Dyes Stains, which can be easier to use as they only contain dyes and no pigments. Toning results depend on the % of colorant used, depth of color, application technique and substrate.